June 24, 2019

Jackie had been an athlete her whole life. She grew up playing softball and field hockey. Jackie said that she started gaining weight when she was done playing sports in college and had a hard time managing her eating habits.

Jackie was a self proclaimed “yo-yo dieter” and said “she had tried just about everything” before we spoke on the consultation. And, in Jackie’s profession, as a news reporter for the local CBS station, she was in the public eye virtually every day of the week.  She really wanted to find a sustainable eating plan, maintain good health for her job and to be more confident overall. I’d say she was successful in obtaining all those goals!

While on our program, Jackie lost 26 lbs, 9.2% body fat and 8.5″ from her waist and hips! Here’s what Jackie had to say about her experience with our program.


I was excited to jump into my Copper State Fit journey after seeing my friend Anastasia get incredible results with the program leading up to her wedding.

My goals were to lose body fat following years of yo-yo dieting and not finding something sustainable to help get me where I wanted to be. I was comfortable where I started, but knew I could be happier by making some changes.

As a lifelong athlete, I had no trouble staying on track of my workouts, but my nutrition needed work. Thank goodness for coach Sabrina, who tells it like it is and who has become a great friend! The accountability factor of our weekly check-in phone calls is what I think is helping make this change a sustainable one. She set my macros — I’ve never eaten so much protein in my life; gave me at-home workouts; and did not judge when I had setbacks or wanted to fit a margarita and my favorite foods into my routine.

Working with the pros at CSF has been a huge learning experience and a fun one thanks to their constant encouragement, month-long workout or nutritional challenges, and seemingly endless recipe suggestions.

I am extremely grateful that this 6-month leap of faith will help me in continuing to reach my health goals!


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