September 24, 2018

Kim connected with us after hitting a sticking point on her weight loss journey. Even though Kim was working out 4-5 hours each week, she wasn’t breaking the plateau on her own. She knew it was probably her inconsistency with nutrition… she was right.

In her line of work, Kim has a front row seat to what poor nutrition and inactivity can do to a person. So, for her, the motivation was simple.  Kim said to us, “As a cardiac cath nurse I see people everyday who are living and dying based on their poor lifestyle…obesity, diabetes, smoking and inactivity. I want my life to be productive and healthy”.  This motivated Kim to enroll in our program and seek the help of a coach to tune up her nutrition.

In the end, Kim lost over 30 lbs, 11% body fat, and over 19 inches from her waist and hips. And, that’s not all! Kim had some INCREDIBLE physical accomplishment too. Here’s what Kim had to say…

My journey to improve my health actually started several years ago. I remember stepping on the scale and seeing #230 and knowing I needed to get control. I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and got to work. I had set a goal of a Sprint Triathlon, so I had about a year to prepare. I dropped about 70 pounds and did that Triathlon. Then life happened…I had to swerve and regroup. Fast forward a couple years and I found myself in Huntsville, Alabama with a new job and a new band on my left hand. Happiness sometimes breeds complacency and I gradually started gaining some of that weight back. I was still exercising but had a terrible diet.  After a health scare and a very big surgery I found myself at about 190 pounds.  I found Orangetheory Fitness and got back on track with my exercise although I never really knew what to do with my nutrition.

After dropping about 15 pounds my weight loss stalled…for months and months! I was so frustrated. I feel like I tried every diet trend I had ever heard of to shock my body but nothing happened…they were either ridiculous and clearly not safe or healthy or they were too complicated. I heard about CSF from a friend at my gym, Amy Norris. She had been very successful so I decided to schedule a phone consultation.  I think I was just really looking for someone with a plan who would show me how to fuel my body and kick my metabolism into gear. After I had my first phone consultation I knew that this approach was not a diet but a complete lifestyle approach that was easy to follow and allowed me to eat real food.

My nutrition coach, Sabrina, has been incredible. She has taught me how to fuel me body, how to move my body and  how to eat to live instead of living to eat. Every week we would set goals, talk about struggles and work through my eating plan. She cheered me when I did well, helped me overcome my weak moments and taught me how to eat real food. I broke my addiction of eating out and fast food. Over the last year I am down 30 pounds, many inches, and multiple clothing sizes! With Sabrina’s help, I have participated in several 5Ks, a 10K a half-marathon and a Ragnar Relay…all at over 50 years old. I physically feel 20 years younger and I look 20 years younger! When I started I was taking 2 blood pressure medicines…now I take NONE!

As a cardiac/cath lab nurse I see patients on my table who are having a very bad days simply because of the poor life and nutrition choices they are making…obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes. CSF has given me the tools to not only save my own life but help others save theirs. My life is full of exciting adventures and I have turned my love of health and wellness into a career as a Cardiac Rehab nurse. Instead of seeing my patients on their bad days I now show them how to change their lives with exercise and nutrition.  I am not done changing yet…I have many more goals to accomplish, many more demons to punch in the throat.  My before and now pictures are only part of my story…my after hasn’t happened yet.  CSF will always be a huge part of me and who I am becoming. I am eternally grateful for Adam, Sabrina and my whole tribe. The support and knowledge they have given me are forever a part of me.