April 5, 2021

I am married for 29 years with a daughter in college, from Lombard, Il. I am self employed; I run the family business with my husband. I really don’t have many hobbies except for my family and work.

Before I discovered Copper State FIT, I would do well with nutrition for a few months and than quit because I would plateau and I would give up. Plus I felt like I was always hungry and not eating enough.

This had an impact on my self esteem (which was very low). I was always tired and I would just eat what was easy and move on. It became a vicious circle of dieting, eating and low self esteem.

I tried a couple other solutions first (Jenny Craig and weight watchers). Then, I discovered Copper State FIT through some friends that were following the program.

Copper State FIT was different. I was eating (more) food, I felt satisfied and was eating healthy food. My coach helped me learn the tools I need to not gain my weight back.

As I applied what my coach taught me, it clicked… I knew… “I can do this!” I thought… “This is awesome, it’s working” and all I had to do was keep the momentum going.

Now, I feel so much better about myself. I look better and I have so much more self esteem.

I have lost 48 pounds working with CSF. And an added bonus, I have also stopped smoking.

Had I not hired Copper State FIT, I would still be stuck in the cycle of low self esteem, I would still smoking and I would be very heavy and unhealthy.

I have told many people about CSF and how they helped me lose my weight. And yes…. it was work, but I feel so much better and I wasn’t starving myself to do it.

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