January 29, 2017


This transformation hits close to home.  Literally… IN MY HOME! Rene is my beautiful, loving, supportive, caring and selfless wife.  She is the mother of our 2 children.  She is a nurturer by nature and she puts everyone before herself. She performs her super-woman duties all while working a full-time job with 10-12 hour days. Believe me… she IS and does, SO much more than I can describe with words.

Rene has an incredible story to tell and I’m not just saying so because she’s my wife.  Her story will resonate with many who read this because it’s probably similar to your story, or the story of someone you know.

My life involving fitness and nutrition has humble beginnings. I was never an athlete, nor did I know how to work out let alone eat healthy for that matter. I was always the ‘skinny girl’ who ate whatever and however much I wanted and stayed thin……until….. I became pregnant with our first child.

Before I gave birth I was 60+ pounds heavier and I was lost. I dropped the weight the only way I knew how; by cutting calories.  And, thankfully was at my pre-baby weight the following year when I found out we were expecting again! As many women know our body never looks the way it did before babies! I was always tired and although I looked OK in clothes, I didn’t really like the way I looked.  And, my body fat percentage was high.

With Adam’s encouragement, I hired a personal trainer and slowly became comfortable in the gym. I no longer ran for the cardio equipment and ignored the weight room floor.  My trainer always pushed me with every workout and made me believe I could achieve the muscular and athletic look I admired in women at the gym. It was always hard to show up for the workout but it always felt great when it was over and I knew I was stronger and healthier than the day before. 

My workouts were consistent but my eating habits were poor. I’d eat ‘healthy’ and ‘clean’ bland foods for a couple of weeks straight and then get burnt out or I’d get a craving and binge on sweets. After hearing my frustration and rants, Adam suggested I give flexible dieting a try.  He offered to coach me through the process, but first I’d have to agree to be consistent and track for a minimum of four weeks.  To say I was stubborn is putting it lightly. If he can put up with me, he can help anyone! I honestly did not believe that I could eat the foods I enjoyed that weren’t always considered ‘healthy’ and get the results I was after. It worked and I was blown away!!!

It is attainable for anyone but only if you are consistent, honest, and patient. It is now easier making food choices and I no longer feel deprivation is needed to achieve my personal goals. 


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