October 24, 2022

Hi, I’m Kailyn. I’m from Huntsville, AL, where I am a wife to my wonderful husband, a mama to a sassy little toddler, and a Nurse Practitioner in a busy urgent care.

When I discovered CSF, I was 10 months postpartum and at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I felt miserable with my body, but was lacking motivation to change it. I was a new mom, and I was more exhausted than ever, so adding any additional work just felt daunting.

In the past, I had tried just about everything for weight loss. I remember being on Weight Watchers in high school, lots of Paleo/ Whole 30 in college, calorie counting here and there, intermittent fasting, and keto for several months before my wedding. Everything seemed to work for a short period of time, but then I would get tired of doing it and eventually gain the weight back.

I knew I needed to do something because I felt like my weight and my eating habits were out of control, but I couldn’t imagine going back to a single diet strategy I had done before. I didn’t want the mental work, I didn’t want to feel restricted, and I didn’t want something that didn’t fit with my life.

I scheduled my consultation call after seeing the results of a friend. I was nervous about it because I didn’t want to be a “slave to tracking” my food, but I decided to give it a trial run and told myself that if I hated it or if it just didn’t work for where we were in life, I could stop. I felt like I owed it to myself and my family to at least TRY. I had never worked one-on-one with a coach before and never had that type of accountability. I was hopeful that it could work for me, like it seemed to work for others.

I started to see results pretty quickly, and it was super exciting and motivating to watch the numbers on the scale drop, see my inches go down, and see the comparison photos. The accountability from having a weekly check-in call was HUGE and kept me on track!

I feel great now. I feel healthy, and I love that I have more energy to play with my daughter!

Foremost, I have learned how to be kinder to myself and to recognize small wins as wins. Having a day when I go over my calorie goal does not define the next day, and doesn’t mean I still can’t achieve results.

Next, I no longer feel like it’s “all or nothing”. I feel like I can enjoy life, celebrate the birthdays, take the vacation, and not “ruin” my progress and hard work. The habits that I have built really stick with me all the time, and I am STILL enjoying myself!

I meal-prep every week now and I love it. I feel like it takes a huge mental load OFF of me instead of putting more on me, which I was worried about. I learned so much about what my body needs and how to properly nourish it. I’m not restricting myself, which has been a wonderful mindset shift.

I have a much better relationship with food and my body. I feel so much more confident, my clothes fit way better! I lost a total of 42lbs; I’m even several pounds lower than I was pre-pregnancy, which is an awesome feeling! I feel like I am setting a better example for my daughter on how to treat her body well and love her body too!

Without CSF, I think I would be missing the accountability piece and still stressing over which diet to try next. I know for sure I wouldn’t have made the progress that I have to this point.

If you’re considering CSF at all, I would say just go for it. Trust the process. It really works and can truly change your life.

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