June 14, 2017

Jenn Ross came to us a little over a month postpartum.  On her list of goals were 1) Return to her pre-baby weight (about 20 lbs lighter), 2) Run a half-marathon and 3) Off in the distance, she wanted to in the “best shape ever” for her 30th birthday. I am happy to say, Jenn accomplished all three of those goals!

The tipping point came on a tearful coaching call 5 weeks in and only 3 lbs down.  Jenn was convinced that she was stuck and the program wasn’t working.  And, she was even more perplexed as to why her coach would be increasing her calories as her training volume increased for the half-marathon (hmmm….?).

As much as her mind wanted to convince her otherwise, Jenn did exactly what was asked. And, the results speak for themselves.  Sometimes you have to “Trust the process”… “The plan will work if you work the plan”…

As impressive as those ‘external’ goals were, Jenn will tell you that there was an even greater change that took place on inside.  I’ll let her tell you about that… read on…


I would say competition and fitness run through my blood. I was born and raised in Arizona and have always enjoyed sports and fitness ever since I was a kid. In grade school you could find me playing football on the playground with the boys, and I was definitely not scared of a little dirt. Throughout junior high and high school, I played on my school’s volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams. Competition and my love of sports have always been a part of who I am.

Right out of college, I married the love of my life, Matt. Together we have three boys (Blake, Kade, and Crew), and it only seems fitting that I am a “Boy Mom.” After having my first son, I began weight training and diligently exercising to lose the baby weight I had gained. Once the weight was lost, exercise and fitness became a lifestyle that I enjoyed and looked forward to each day. To me there are few things better than putting on a pair of headphones and hitting the gym.

While exercise became a part of my daily lifestyle, healthy eating habits and a solid understanding of food were a different story. I struggled with disordered eating throughout high school and college and well into my married life. It wasn’t until after I had my second son that I learned about Macro Counting or Flexible Dieting. It was a COMPLETE game changer and I “counted macros” for a year and loved it. However, after suffering three miscarriages, I found myself back in old eating habit sand not putting the effort into properly fueling my body.

After having my third son, I wanted the accountability and further support from a coach. My friend Kacey Luvi Pearson recommended Adam from Copper State Fit. In July of 2016, I began working with Adam. His direction, support, and knowledge changed me more than words can say. The mental change was by far the best change. For the first time in my life, I learned to truly see food as FUEL, and food began having its proper place in my life. And the best part: Macros worked! My workouts became easier as I had the energy I needed, I was able to physically see difference with eating enough of the right macros, and I could still eat pizza…guilt-free!

With seeing how much I changed both physically and mentally through a proper understanding of food, I began wanting this change for anyone and everyone who has struggled in ways like I had. I wanted to become a coach to help people learn how to properly fuel their bodies to get the results they have always been wanting. Like I said, competition runs through my blood. I compete with myself and can now say I am winning in the nutrition lifestyle too. I want to support others to compete with themselves and have those same victories, both physically and mentally.