January 8, 2018

Amy’s story goes like this; the former athlete, turned wife and mom, who selfishly sacrifices herself for all those around her. And after having two children, Amy was ready to get her athletic physique back and regain the confidence she once had.

Once enrolled, Amy dove in head first! She followed our workout programming delivered directly to her via our app. She also executed the nutritional plan laid out by her coach (Sabrina) while having the support, accountability and guidance on her weekly check-in calls.

In the end, Amy lost 23.2 lbs, -7.5% BF, -8.5″ on her waist and hips. And, as you can see, she regained her athletic physique AND her confidence!

Here’s what Amy had to say:


Hi, my name is Amy. I am an active wife, mama of two and a lover of all things fitness. For the
majority of my life I was fit and lean, but when I became pregnant with both of my children I
gained 70 lbs. each (for some reason, my body specialized in retaining fluid). After pregnancy
number one, I was able to lose the entire 70 lbs by working out 90+ minutes a day and eating
very little. After my second pregnancy, I continued working out excessively and eating very few
calories, but I was not dropping the weight nearly as fast and I was exhausted from caring for
two very busy young children while working full-time. I had reached a point where I was tired of
putting in the time and not seeing the results.

Because I am competitive by nature, I was up for another challenge. I had followed, or should I say stalked, Kacey Luvi Pearson for a very long time as we both shared similar stories regarding exercise and weight gain. It was her blog that sparked my interest in macro tracking and she connected me with Adam. From that very first call with Adam, I knew a nutrition coach was the exact thing I was needing. As the program began, I made a commitment as I did not want this to be a temporary fix, but rather a permanent lifestyle change.

In nine short months, I dropped 20+ lbs. and hit my pre-baby weight loss goal. The thing I loved the most about this program is I
gained the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

Accomplishments during the short nine months:
Graduated with my masters – May
Completed a sprint triathlon and placed first in my age group – August
Lost 20+ lbs.
Hit my pre-baby goal weight while building lean muscle
I truly could not have done this without coach Sabrina! I hit goal number one, but it’s time to
move toward goal number two, lowering my body fat. Cheers to a new year!