June 13, 2018

Many will relate to Jill’s story. She was formerly a collegiate athlete. Now, a busy full-time working married mom of two (both under 5 years old). Then, when you learn WHAT she does for work and HOW she finds balance between work, family nutrition and fitness… you’ll feel motivated to let go of all your excuses.

On our consultation, Jill said “I am at my heaviest and struggling to get back to my healthy ways” Her goals were to “feel good again”… “get her confidence back”… “feel stronger”. As a Firefighter/ Paramedic, she explained that “confidence is key in my job and since babies I lost myself along with my body”. All in all, Jill lost 15 lbs, 7.5″ from her waist and hips and 7.8% body fat!

Check out what Jill had to say below. Then, be sure to listen to her interview on our podcast for a more in depth perspective on at her journey.

Hi! My name is Jill.  I am an active mom of two kids under the age of 4.  Since that does not keep me nearly busy enough (lol) I also work as a firefighter paramedic.  After having my second child I struggled to get my body back.  I was put on “no activity” early on in my pregnancy.  Being a former athlete I had never gone 6 months without working out, so I ended up putting on a lot of extra weight.

I was working out 6-7 times a week and I thought my nutrition was not too bad.  Yet nothing was budging.  After every 24 hour shift I worked I would come home and could barely manage to get off the couch I was so tired.  One of my friends had talked to me about nutrition coaching and encouraged me to contact Adam at Copper State Fit.

My goals when I started CSF were to just feel better, have more energy, get strong again, gain my confidence back, and to lose that baby weight!  I was always a low carb kind of girl until CSF:)  First and foremost we figured out that I was under eating. Also, I was not eating the right foods to balance my hormones and fuel my body.  Adam worked with me on my demanding schedule.  Through our weekly calls, we worked on what we could control and I learned how to work around the things I can not control.

For example my work schedule and having two toddlers who want all of my attention. I have done figure shows in the past and was able to drop weight quickly, that did not happen in this process.  At first, there was frustration, but having Adam along the way keeping me accountable and keeping me consistent, and mostly teaching me to be patient with my older, sleep-deprived self:)  Adam put me on a workout regimen that worked for me.  I may have fought the rest days at first, but when you start seeing the results you begin to trust the process.

I did not have a specific goal weight in mind when we started, but I can say I am now down to my fire academy weight from 11 1/2 years ago!  I have so much more energy, I have regained my confidence in my body and continue to get stronger every day.

If you are feeling stuck and what a lifelong change, contact Copper State Fit.  The coaches and support group with give you the accountability and skills to make that change!