January 16, 2024

My name is Kristy. I live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband, where we love spending time outdoors and finding adventure together. I am presently a Kindergarten Teacher, with a passion for behavior analysis and trauma-informed care. I love being a teacher and find the work very fulfilling. I love going to work, and feel fortunate to be a safe adult who nurtures a love of learning for many little ones every day!

My career is deeply connected to my whole person. Over the years, I have often found myself giving and giving until I just couldn’t give anymore. Until I broke. It has been a cycle. I came home depleted, with little energy reserved to focus on myself or my family. I established exercise routines but became discouraged quickly, food was usually a last minute thought (or worse, an after-thought), and drinking wine to unwind became too much of a habit or crutch. When I saw pictures of myself, I saw a smiling, happy, optimistic and enthusiastic teacher. But, on the inside, I felt unbalanced, exhausted, and concerned about how long I could keep this up.

I have always felt nutrition to be important and choose foods carefully. I prioritized on hydration, and enjoyed several different kinds of exercise classes and gym memberships. However, I did not prioritize meal planning or understand how some food choices were undermining my goals.

This became very frustrating (frequently), when I didn’t see the change in my body composition that I expected to see with a level of commitment to exercise and meal tracking. I truly didn’t understand the role of nutrition (at the macro level) and stress management as equally integral parts of my health and in making lasting change.

Embarking upon this journey with CSF first helped me make a commitment to myself. The app and coaching sessions forced me to think about myself – that whole person that I had been neglecting for so long. I began to track my eating and drinking habits differently, understanding the nutritional content. I began to prioritize self-care more than I ever had before, which positively impacted ALL areas of my life. Not only that, but I began saying ‘no’ more, walking more, stretching more, abstaining from alcohol more – even flossing my teeth more frequently!

Each coaching session with my coach (Dana) was a highlight of my week. She always had new ideas and words of encouragement. She celebrated with me, reminded me to focus on the positive, addressed possible hurdles, and helped me plan accordingly. I felt educated and empowered more than I ever had before. I jokingly referred to her as my “life coach” among my friends and family.

There were many moments when I realized the significant difference that CSF was making in my life. When grocery shopping, I made better-informed decisions and discovered how I had been misled by manufacturers. When working out, I observed personal gains and increased endurance. Upon returning to work from a short break, colleagues commented that I looked toned and had improved skin. Perhaps most significantly, I began feeling stronger, happier, and recorded measurable, physical differences.

I have learned so much about my personal health and well-being. What I thought was going to be something of an online nutrition class turned out to be a journey of self discovery. I feel empowered and capable of even greater things!

Here are a few of the lessons I learned while working with CSF:

  1. Not all calories are created equal! (The nutritional content of those calories is paramount.)
  2. Not all steps are created equal! (This is the power of intention! Walking in circles at work is different than walking with the purpose of relieving stress and aiding digestion.)
  3. Progress photos are powerful!

I am pleased with progress made in reducing my body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass. I observed considerable improvements in my athletic ability (my mile time improved from 12.8 minutes to 10.6 minutes) and hiking endurance. Finally, I experienced changes in how my clothes are fitting and have begun purchasing new pieces!

Without CSF, I imagine that I would be far more exhausted and out of balance than I am today. For example, I reached over 10k steps teaching kindergarten today and then held five parent/teacher conferences! After a 13-hour day, I feel positive, prepared and eager for tomorrow! The impact of preparing healthy meals/snacks, staying hydrated, and prioritizing fitness are FAR reaching.

It is a life-changing experience! You will experience a level of self-care and accountability that you have never experienced before. Just DO IT! “Health is priceless wealth.”

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