May 18, 2023

I am from Naples, a small town in NE Texas. I am married and have two boys, and I am a RN working as a school nurse. I love being outdoors, working in my flower beds, and working out. We enjoy vacationing to the beach each summer as a family.

I’ve always worked out consistently, and thought I knew how to eat “healthy“. I’d work out 5 plus days a week, and eat like I thought I should.  I would lose a few pounds here and there, but inevitably, I would gain it all back. It’s been a vicious cycle for most of my adult life.

I have tried it ALL, literally! I have used Advocare, Plexus, Weight Watchers, keto dieting, even prescription meds at one point.

I felt that losing weight for me was hopeless. I had tried it all and while it would work for a short time, nothing lasted. I reached the point of thinking… “this is just how it was going to be”. But, I didn’t like it! I didn’t feel good, and I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

Copper State FIT was a game changer for me! We started from ground zero. I followed the habits that I was taught each step of the way and it worked! It really worked! I realized that I did know what to eat to be healthy…but I didn’t know how to apply that and get results. CSF taught me how to use the things I knew and the things I would learn to make it work for me!

Very quickly, it all started to click! Each week, I would meet my goals given to me by my coach, and I watched as the results unfolded before my eyes. I was dedicated to the process and focused on what I was being taught. The pay-off has been worth all the hard work!

I am extremely happy with what I have done over the last 5 months. I started out unhappy with how I looked and felt, yet very hopeful of what was possible with CSF. I feel and look better today than I have since before my youngest son was born 13 years ago!

I am so thankful that a friend shared this program with me and I made the decision and dedicated myself to following the guidance and have had such success!

While working with CSF, I learned three valuable lessons that greatly impacted my success and will continue to shape my approach even after my time with CSF:

  1. Consistency is number one! I learned that I do not have to be “perfect”, but consistent always. Life happens, and that is okay! I CAN eat the cake. I CAN go to dinner. Now I have the knowledge and tools to do just that.
  2. Moderation is number two. I CAN eat the cake….just not the WHOLE cake!
  3. Eating good food, whole-food, is number 3. I have felt sooo much better doing this program! Making better choices is not always easy or convenient. But it is so do-able!

In just 5 months, I lost 21 lbs, 7% body fat all while adding 3 lbs of muscle! I have also gained confidence! So much confidence that I joined our local CrossFit, and I am loving it! Most importantly, I feel like myself again. I feel good.

If I had not joined CSF and taken this journey over the past 5 months, I would still be in the same rut. Still doing what I thought would work, and still failing to succeed.

If you have even once considered trying CSF, DO IT! Don’t walk, RUN! Jump in with both feet and give it your best shot! You will be so glad you did!

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