September 16, 2019

I always thought of myself as an athlete. Maybe not always “fit” but I played sports all my life and had a passion for working out so I thought I was doing all right. I knew my body needed protein to help with workout recovery, but I never knew there was a certain amount that was right for me.

I would fluctuate weight over the years especially after collegiate soccer, the end of college days and into late 20s, but it was always “OK” with how I looked. After having my first child I lost the motivation to push myself during workouts. I would just show up at the gym and go through the motions, expecting that to be enough to lose baby weight. That’s when i realized i was stuck and needed a change. That is when I discovered CrossFit which I absolutely love. It made me look at nutrition differently because of the volume of workouts. I started to eat Paleo diet, because that’s what everyone talked about. But for me, I could never make it stick because of the restricted foods, so again I would fluctuate between weight, going on and off the “paleo” way.

It wasn’t until Copper State Fit – which really gave me the insight and knowledge – came into my life, and taught me the tools I needed to be successful with food! No longer did I look at food and “diet” in a negative way. Not only did I reach my pre-pregnancy weight six months after having my second child, I dropped another 10 pounds, to a healthy and manageable weight!

My workouts are even more effective and my energy always stays up. I have learned how to fuel my body with food, enjoy food and actually enjoy cooking, which I never have before. I have met great friends through Copper State and feels that I will be successful going forward!

I am grateful for my coach, she has been so supportive even when I may not have given myself enough credit. Not once have I felt judged. If anything the CSF community has done just opposite in welcoming me and supporting me. I think their methodology and tools are user-friendly and easily programmed to follow. The weekly check ins, I look forward to! My coach and I will share stories, foods/recipes and it’s just nice to be able to relate to somebody with a similar passion! I can’t believe I have gone my whole adult life loving working out but never fueling my body to the full potential!

Flexible dieting was the best fit for me and I would recommend it to anyone (athlete or non-athlete) to help them meet their goals! Thank you Copper State Fit for all your support and knowledge over the past several months!