October 6, 2019



My name is Kathy Dixon and I am a former client of Copper State fit. You could say that I just graduated from the program but really it was a lot more than that. I was a client of Copper State FIT and my coach was Adam for almost 2 years.

I met Adam before my husband and I were trying to get pregnant with our second child. I was just was very curious about his program. I had seen him through some people that I had followed on social media for a while and wanted to get to know him and learn more about his program.

Then, after I had our second son, I reached out to him again; I knew that I would be ready to tackle the goals postpartum life and getting back in shape much quicker than I did with my first one.

Yes, it was partially for the physical fitness aspect of it. But also, I knew how much it affected me mentally to not be in shape. I needed to regain structure and confidence in myself after going through all the things you go through as a woman having a baby.

We began working together when my son was 6 weeks old… it was incremental in the beginning. Our definition of progress changed as my body changed as my margins changed in my life and as my body started adjusting to different programs.

It was really neat to be educated along the way. Adam and his team do such a good job of not just telling you WHAT to do (to follow their nutrition and workouts) and X, Y and Z. They are SO amazing at teaching you grace for yourself. And in times in your life when your life is full or things happen unexpectedly; showing you how to adjust your plan when you travel… when things come up and you just can’t be the person that you normally are because of your schedule.

I made a friend in him and his wife. I’m so grateful for their guidance over these last few years. So, my second son that we that we had is 2 years old. So, this is really been a two-year long relationship. When I said earlier that I had graduated from program what I meant by that was; I’m at a place, physically, that I’m feeling really good.

I understand and accept that progress is always what I’m going to be working towards.  His guidance, his teachings and his patience with me along the way has been so helpful for me. I’ve not only learned how to work out, but I’ve also learned how to eat in a way that fuels my body and actually MAINTAINS my weight so that I’m not a slave to the food-scale or MyFitnessPal or other things like that.

So, all that to say, I’m just so grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience with Copper State fit. If you’re thinking about it, I encourage you to each out. The consultation is FREE and your life and your mindset around Fitness and Nutrition will surely change!