December 15, 2019

I have been in the military for 16 years. So, I generally have considered myself pretty active and always in good enough shape to complete any task that I was given. Before Copper State FIT I had tried different diets and they were somewhat successful, in the sense I would lose weight, but eventually I would gain the weight back. This year I decided to make some changes with my military career that were going to be more physically demanding so I knew I needed to make a change that would stick around for the long haul.

Before Copper State FIT, I tried The Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet. As for workouts it really was just a collection of things I new from co-workers, friends and/ or my own research. As I tried several other diets and workout plans they were effective at first but then begin to taper off. As a result I would get down on myself because results were not always coming or I would just succumb to going back down the easy path of not trying as hard and living life.

Copper State FIT was nice in the sense that they waited until you were ready. At no time did I feel like my coaches were ever rushing me to attempt something that I wasn’t ready for. They were all very knowledgeable in the philosophy of what CSF was trying to do for their clients individually.

They took baby steps when it came to nutrition guidance and tracking as well as the workouts. If I happened to miss my nutrition targets one week or couldn’t do a workout to the prescribed weight there was no shame or doubt from them. They would just sort of reel me in during my weekly check-in and push me to hit all my nutrition targets the next week or add some extra weight the next time I attempted the same workout. They were always pushing to try and get the best out of me. They all know that things don’t just change overnight.

Right at about the same time I started Copper State FIT, my office just so happened to start a fitness challenge. It was called the Bod-Pod Challenge. It was a 3 month challenge and we all got a pre-screening for weight and body fat percentage to start the challenge.

The big “Ah Ha” moment for me while working with Copper State FIT came when that Bod-Pod Challenge ended. In just three months I had lost 15lbs of fat, gained 1.3 lbs of muscle¬† and and went from 19% to 11.5% body fat. To top everything off, I also maxed out and hit a personal record on my PT test at the age of 35; something I had never done in my 16 years of being in the ARMY! Here are just a few things I was able to accomplish while working with CSF:

  • Maxed my PT Test at the age of 35.
  • Lost over 7% body fat.
  • Down a total of 30 pounds.
  • I had to buy new pants this winter because I lost almost 5 inches on my waist.
  • The nutritional knowledge I have gained from the program.
  • Overall energy I feel like I have now.

Seeing all the results I have had while on the CSF program have been great. For me though, the nutritional knowledge I have gained when it comes to food has been priceless! Before CSF I would just eat what I thought was good food and was of the mindset… “hey a carb is a carb” or… “fats are fats”. Well,¬† I have learned that not all carbs, proteins and fats are created equally.

I am much better at understating what a balanced meal looks like. If I want to indulge every now and then its not a bad thing, just as long as it isn’t all the time. It is alright every now and then to have that bowl of ice cream with my kids or that amazing dessert that my wife made.

If I hadn’t decided to begin working with CSF, I have a feeling I would have started this new path with my military career and it would have been a little more difficult. I know for a fact that my eating and excising habits wouldn’t have improved.

If you are considering Copper State FIT, just take a chance on yourself and you might surprise yourself with the results! I would have never imaged that I could be where I am today in regards to my overall physical heath and weight. Its amazing what passionate people can do to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.