February 23, 2020

Before working with Copper State FIT, I had lost a little weight on my own. However, between my job and social life, I was constantly eating out or at other people’s homes making it really difficult to eat healthy. So, in time, I put back on all the weight I had lost and then some. I tried to ramp up my work outs and ‘thought‘ I was eating healthier, but I was stuck and not making any progress.

I ended up climbing to the heaviest weight I’d ever been. My clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I had no confidence. I felt awful! Even my doctor commented on my weight gain and the need to get things under control.

The whole thing made me stressed out by food, but I couldn’t seem to get anywhere with it. I knew I had a problem but I couldn’t seem to put the pieces together to see things improve. I tried using some workout apps and tracking food myself. I purchased supplements to see if that would help, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. It was super frustrating!

Copper State FIT took my stress away from food. It gave me guidelines that I could use to help navigate the challenges of eating healthy. Even with my lifestyle, which included eating meals outside of the house quite often; it wasn’t stressful or hard to follow.

I really began to realize the program was working when I started noticing how much better my clothes were fitting, even though I was still eating out and enjoying my social life. I have so many work meetings and appointments over meals; I didn’t know if it would be possible to lose weight while in that lifestyle. However, with smarter guidelines, I started seeing results and realized it was working without causing me stress.

I’ve learned new rules and principles to eat healthy and lose weight without feeling trapped by food or stressed by food choices. I don’t freak out or feel trapped by those things anymore. I’m losing weight, feeling healthier, buying smaller clothes and feeling more in control with food.

I’m down about 30 lbs and over 5 inches in my waist! I feel a lot better about myself! I had to order some new clothes because my old ones aren’t fitting anymore. I feel much better… I look better and my doctor was even impressed with my weight loss.

I am really glad I decided to invest in myself with Copper State FIT! Otherwise, I’d probably still be frustrated and not making any progress, stressed out by food and feeling unhealthy.

If you’re considering this program… TRY IT! The Copper State FIT team will help you find ways to be successful with getting healthier and losing weight without turning your life upside down or feeling like you can’t eat anything anymore. Your goals are attainable with some help!



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