May 11, 2020

Before working with Copper State FIT, I was really struggling with my self image. I was exercising SOOOOO MUCH and eating “healthy“ but my body was not changing. I was holding onto a little baby weight that sat in all the wrong spots that made me feel uncomfortable.

I would rarely get into jeans without wearing a big sweatshirt or jacket to hide my extra baggage. I would find myself daily (even hourly) criticizing myself and thinking about my stubborn spots. It was constantly on my mind and I felt trapped!

I tried “clean eating” on my own.  This was good but I didn’t see any of the results I was expecting. I was not eating a balanced diet!

I tried Optavia, which I thought I was going to shrivel up and die. My body wouldn’t perform the way I needed it to while running or playing soccer.

I scheduled a FREE 30 minute consultation to get a feel for what Copper State FIT had to offer and discover how they might be able to help me. I was intrigued but scared! So, I held off for a month and a half before finally digging deep and was ready for that change.

After starting, within a month, I saw so much growth not only physically but mentally!! I was finally seeing something happen that I loved! After my body adjusted in that first month is when I knew things were going in the right direction!!

Within two months I had dropped to a weight I don’t even remember being since I was a sophomore in high school. I could grab my sides and feel so much muscle instead of a handful of fluff. My life was changed!!! I didn’t sit and judge myself all day long, I was in control of my body by what foods I put in front of me and in my mouth.

With Copper State FIT, I was actually learning to eat foods that I enjoyed… AND that filled me up! I learned to balance out what my body needed to perform instead of what I wanted or what I was told to eat. AND I saw and felt the results! I had energy!! I performed better then I have in over 7 years!

I still have a ways to go to get me to where I want to be! But, I have never been closer!! They way I feel about myself is amazing! Instead of focusing on my body all day long, I am able to enjoy the day with my kids and husband. I am able to go where I want to go in what I want to wear without giving it another thought! I feel freedom from me! Freedom from my own judging mind.

I always considered myself fast when I played sports or just running in general! Now I feel extremely fast and I have so much more endurance! I feel so healthy!

Had I not decided to finally join CSF, I would still be running/lifting/playing sports daily! With zero results! Feeling uncomfortable and judging myself constantly and making excuses to why I was that way!

If you’re thinking about starting your journey with Copper State FIT… Just do it! Don’t give it another thought! It has been life changing and I finally know how to get results!